The Institute for Psychology at the University of Basel is always looking for people to participate in scientific studies.*
Are you interested in participating in such studies?
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For participation in online studies, we usually raffle gifts from online shops.
Participation in laboratory studies will usually be compensated with cash.

Please fill in the questionnaire thoroughly and truthfully. Only then can we contact the eligible participants directly. We will then approach you for matching studies. All your information will be treated confidentially and not forwarded to third parties. Unless stated otherwise, our online studies are anonymous.

Many thanks for your interest.

Dr. Florian Brühlmann
Department of Psychology
Center for Cognitive Psychology and Methodology
University of Basel
Missionsstrasse 62a
4055 Basel

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* Studies conducted at our research group can be funded by different sources: By the University, by organisations and foundations supporting scientific research, as well as private companies or public institutions.